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It’s been my experience that many executives are willing to work hard and devote their time and abilities to their company, but too few executives are willing to foster a totally accountable culture. They don’t want to be seen as “micromanaging” their employees, so they’ve become complacent in ensuring that everyone in the company follows through on their commitments, meets deadlines, and arrives to meetings eager and early. In their minds, rules stifle creativity. Managers believe chronically late employees, missed deadlines, and subpar work are par for the course, so it is just accepted as the norm. It becomes an assumption that when their company loses out on an opportunity due to non-accountability, they can just keep doing things the same way because they will get it right the next time. But the truth is that if a company doesn’t have total accountability, next time will just end up as another missed opportunity. At my upcoming webinar on Tuesday, October 25th, I’ll tell you how non-accountability leads to missed opportunities and how missed opportunities add up to lost revenue.

In the webinar, I will show you how every employee and executive can help your company reach its full potential. Spoiler alert: it can’t be done unless a totally accountable culture is in place across the board, and everyone participates.

Think of an actor who’s cast in a play. He memorizes all his lines, gets to rehearsals early, and takes the director’s suggestions to heart. But his castmates don’t do the same. They rarely study their lines. They show up to rehearsals only when they feel like it, and they ignore the director. Will that play be a success? Will anyone recognize the effort and giftedness of the actor who worked so hard? The answer is “no.” The play will likely be a disaster because the actors aren’t working together as a team. They cannot rely on one another to meet the expectations of the audience and cannot be counted on to function as an ensemble, which means the actors are less likely to get future casting opportunities. A performance cast functions as a unit, much like a company. It doesn’t matter how much you’re doing. If you can’t count on your team, your time and talent will go unrecognized and unrewarded.

For your company to reap the rewards of industriousness and ingenuity, you need to cultivate accountability. No more excuses. No more missed meetings. No more surprises.

To learn more about how Total Accountability can improve the morale, efficiency, and profitability of your company, join my free livestream webinar on 10/25/2022 at 2 pm ET and see how we’ve helped more than 3500 companies like yours.  With the right skills and team in place, you can coach your employees and help them transform from a good team to an exceptional team that will grow your bottom line.

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