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Our Mission

Did you know an organization can increase revenues, strengthen trust and transparency among employees, and even improve customer satisfaction with one major value?

It’s called Accountability.

When we hold ourselves accountable, we are beginning the journey to long term success, but learning to hold ourselves accountable is only the first step. The next step is creating a culture of accountability within the workplace itself, elevating the efficiency of your company to help maximize revenues, minimize expenses, and increase productivity.

Mike Scott created Totally Accountable Systems™ (TAS™) to empower companies with the tools and methods so they can grow and prosper.

TAS™ programs start by building a solid foundation of company-wide accountability and efficiency structures, improving project planning and tracking workflow to on-time completion. Once the groundwork is set, human dynamics within the company are explored, focusing on building better leaders, stronger communicators, and ultimately increasing the level of trust among your teams. Moreover, as these components are implemented, we track the relative metrics to ensure the TAS methods are yielding positive results for your business.

Over the last 35 years, Mike Scott’s techniques and curriculum have helped over 3,500 organizations raise revenues and cut costs by challenging the status quo, elevating staff accountability, and improving overall organizational efficiency. From Fortune 50 companies to small startups, Mike Scott has demonstrated a proven track record of success for companies of all sizes. Simply put, TAS™ makes doing business better. But don’t just take it our word for it. Check out our Client List and let our results speak for themselves.

Our Team

Mike Scott


Mike Scott believes the most effective training should provide not only practical information, but actionable steps for employees to implement. In the TAS™ system, new hires gain the knowledge and actionable skills to be successful in their new positions.

Mike’s in-depth knowledge of training, employee development, and business, paired with his masterful communication skills, have helped professionals not only fully absorb the principles of his TASTM­ program at an impressive pace, but how to implement the tools as well.

A seasoned professional, Mike’s experiences include executive recruiting, Manager of Recruiting and Training for Reed Tool Company in Houston, and Human Resources Manager for the Energy Banking group of RepublicBank, now Bank of America. Mike is one of the most sought-after corporate trainers and motivational speakers in North America. He regularly speaks, designs, and conducts training programs for both large and small companies, such as McDonald’s Corporation, Ernst & Young, AAA, and many others.

Mike is a Vietnam veteran, serving in the U.S. Army for four years and earning the rank of Captain. Mike earned his BS in Business and his MA in Psychology from North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota. In 1984, Mike founded Totally Accountable SystemsTM to improve productivity, morale, communication, and accountability throughout corporate America. Since then, Mike continues to delight audiences with his insights, clarity, and common-sense approach to complex subject matter. Mike is renown throughout the business world, but he calls Portland, Oregon home.

Diana Bloom

Accountability Consultant and Bi-Lingual Trainer

Productivity and Efficiency Coach Diana Bloom travels throughout the United States, teaching take-away actionable systems to achieve higher productivity and efficiency in all areas of an organization.

Participants around the country have gained knowledge and tools from Diana’s seminars, conference workshops, and executive coaching sessions, enabling them to implement immediate, permanent changes to their personal and professional lives. Her techniques are presented in a manner that can be quickly understood, and with appropriate execution, yield measurable results.

Diana’s humorous, engaging, and straightforward training style has inspired thousands of people to dramatically change their lives. Her workshops and executive coaching sessions sharpen delegation, improve project management, strengthen communication, and eliminate mistakes, resulting in the creation of a Totally Accountable™ culture.

Diana grew up in Rockville Centre, Long Island, and graduated from Binghamton University with a BA in Judaic Studies. Diana earned her Master of Arts degree in Jewish History from NYU where she attended as a Fellow of the Skirball Center.

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