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The best systems aren’t just built upon a solid foundation, but a foundation that sets the framework and cornerstone of your company’s growth. In the business world, we know this very well.

But knowing is only part of the equation. For any company seeking to maximize profits and remain competitive, they need a reliable blueprint to create a structure for success. Without that you get expensive reworks, missed deadlines and deliveries, and unnecessary losses.

The Totally Accountable Systems™ have provided thousands of companies with the master plan needed to create a Totally Accountable culture within their organizations. The tools and simple concepts you’ll learn from our tailored programs can help nurture trust within your employee and client relationships alike.

What’s more, that transparency and accountability you’ll cultivate can translate to positive growth for your business.

At TAS™, we get it. We understand that shouldering the success or failure of an organization puts a heavy burden on a CEO as well as the executive team. That’s where we come in. Our system of accountability can give your business the efficiency and productivity you know it’s capable of—saving both time and money.

Are you ready? Let TAS™ help build your organizational structure. It’s time to bring Total Accountability to your company and watch the growth it creates.

Mike Scott, President and Founder


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What Are Organizations Saying About Us?

Our evolution as a company has been greatly enhanced due to the incorporation of your accountability workshops. We have made them a part of our company culture and are proud to say that we are a company that promotes 100% accountability, 100% of the time! Our employees do what they say they are going to do, when they say they are going to do it and how they say they are going to do it, period.
Brad Weinbrum
President - ABB Optical Group
I HIGHLY recommend Mike to work with any organization and or team or individual. His concepts are easy to understand, even easier to implement and if the leadership subscribes, I assure you it will transform your organization. It’s the most effective training I’ve ever brought in for my management team.
Wendy Karsten
CEO - Huntington Medical Foundation
I want you to know that I have been a member of TEC for probably 4-5 years, but the initial implementation of your concepts in our company has probably had more impact than anything I have taken home from a TEC meeting. That is not just my opinion, but I believe my team’s opinion.
Doug Reardon
Thank you does not seem appropriate to convey our appreciation of the training sessions you gave us to our associates in March and May 2011. We saw immediate implementation of your ideas and I have had many of our associates comment on the success they are experiencing. The practical concepts and tools shared are making a very positive impact on our corporate culture and in a number of examples, our personal lives.
Keith Albritton
President/CEO - Allen & Company
Our team benefited from your material, the interactivity, and your successful strategy that allows participants to adopt needed changes without being overwhelmed. During their times of economic down turn, we are now able to maximize our capacity while providing personal fulfillment; employees appreciate getting control of their own time!
Melissa Aiello
President/CEO - Junior Achievement
I have been using this system in my company for a year now. Our churn is down by over 50% in that time. My 1-2-1s with my direct reports allows me to key issues quickly and be proactive all the time. We have saved over $1 million in just payroll efficiency last year.
Michael Araten
It’s been several weeks since TCI’s management group completed your Leadership/ Accountability/ Productivity training program. I wanted to write and tell you how valuable I found that training to be. That group began applying your no-nonsense techniques and our company quickly began to realize performance improvements through the organization. The impact was immediate, dramatic, and positive. It has re-energized employees company wide.
Steve Copp
CEO - Trans-Coil, Inc.
We have now completed our fourth training session with your company and in 15 months our effectiveness and efficiency has improved to the point that our sales have grown by 12% year over year.
William E. Harris III
President/CEO - Sempermed
Your training really has changed the way we operate throughout the Volunteers of America of Greater New Orleans. Your training had made us an organization that is 100% accountable, 100% of the time.
Jim Leblanc
Volunteers of America

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