Smartphone Apps

Smartphone Apps

Totally Accountable™ app


A stress-free more productive life and company starting today! Keep all projects on schedule for an on-time completion.  Download your personal copy of the Totally Accountable™ App from the links below.


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Other excellent apps and tools


TaskTask is a simple, easy to use, task management application for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices. Using TaskTask, you can completely manage your to do list, including creating tasks, setting start/due dates, marking tasks complete, assigning categories, changing importance, and deleting tasks.

ToodledToodleDo is an incredibly powerful To-Do List.  You can organize your tasks, improve your productivity, import your existing tasks, and so much more!


It's doneIt’s Done!
Did you remember to lock the door? Turn off the stove? Take your vitamin? It’s Done! remembers for you and helps you confirm whether you did it. A powerful, on-line to-do list.  Get organized, stay motivated, and be more productive.


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